Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 2005

After I got better from my first case of strep throat, March was over and it was now April. And I am thinking all about this new situation - pregnancy. What have I gotten myself into? I am really, honestly so deeply excited! There have been so many reasons in the past why I chose not to have children yet. And why I considered never having any. But God had made things go his way, and I was pondering the ways of the Lord.
What was I going to do at my first appointment? I was going to have it go MY way! No needles, no probing things, and that dr. better move out of my way, cause I am not compromising!
What was I going to do about gaining weight? I was not going to! I was not going to get fat! Just enought weight for baby! What clothes am I going to wear? I am going to have to shop!
What about baby furniture? What about clothes? What about an appropriate home? What about our dogs? What about the motorcycle? My job? Our extended family? Breastfeeding? Future pediatrician appointments? Staying in a hospital? LABOR AND DELIVERY?
There is SO much that goes through your mind when you plan such a large life change. Or in most cases, once you find out you are pregnant there is not much more planning to do. It is happening, and you are part of it now, forever. You have no choice anymore. I had so many ideas about how I wanted things to go, and what we wanted to do for our child. I wanted to read books and study and do it right and be the best mom! I wanted my child to be healthy, happy, not spoiled, not negatively affected by vaccinations, etc. So much!
Hopefully soon I will come across something that will remind me of my first appointment. It breaks my heart that I am starting to forget things.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My son

I love my Eddie. He is great. Sometimes I can get quite enough of him and wish I lived closer to family so I could pawn him off, but he really is cool.
He is starting to show me that he is a comedian. He is assimilating things from his life, and drawing them together, and starting to pretend.
He likes my sunglasses, and knows he is not supposed to use them. We were on the deck this afternoon, I went in quickly with Katie to grab something and when I came out he had my sunglasses on his eyes. He was looking around.
Mommy - "You are not supposed to have those."
Eddie - "Heh, BobbuGoggu, he he."
Mommy wonder's what he is saying.
Eddie - "Dat so silly."
I say that's so silly very often.
Eddie points to something out in the trees, "He he, BobbuGoggu."
And I realize what he is saying, "Wobble Goggles."
So, who watches Imagination Movers? Eddie does, and he loves them. LOVES the "Moo-bers". They are alright, a little odd, but alright. They have great music. One of the movers wears some goggles on his head that he uses to see xray and sounds so he can help solve problems.
Then, about 4 weeks ago we had some friends come visit with us. We were all sitting in the living room around 10:30 am and the doorbell rang. Eddie screams, "PIZZA!" It was Hilarious! That just shows you how often the doorbell rings, or how often we eat pizza! : )
He is great. A little frustrating sometimes since he is two, but great none the less, and I love him.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Things that make you go mmm.

No, it's not a song today, although I remember jamming to that one!
The past 2 weeks have been beautiful - the leaves have opened, flowers have blossomed and spring his sprung! It is so fresh outside. I know there has been a large amount of rain and storms that have made things difficlt for a lot of us, but it is still so great outside!

This past week has brought me many wonderful thoughts. Tuesday we had a wonderful MOPS meeting with a great discussion that encouraged me and affirmed choices I am making! Thank you MOPS! On Wednesday the kids and I went for a walk at a local botanical trail. Eddie and I went there this exact time last year to see the spring azaleas. It was great, he rode in the stroller and we walked and I really enjoyed it. I never went back though, because summer time is rough on a big pregnant belly going for walks up a hill pushing a 30 + lb toddler with a heat index of 100 sweltering around you. Then I had a newborn, and then winter, and so now I vowed to go again to see the azaleas. We did and Katie rode in the stroller, and Eddie and I walked and it was fun. I even started to reach down into the bag to pull out some peanuts and banana chips (a favorite snack of mine) to munch on . . . oh, wait, there aren't any peanuts and banana chips. I haven't bought any of that in months. I was remembering having them the last time when Eddie and I went together. Crazy things your memory does to you . . . mmm.

Yesterday was nice. It was supposed to storm but there was a nice little break in the storms around our area and we just got a little shower. Then my husband came home and kissed me. Eddie went to sleep last night late, but we were playing. Katie went to sleep last night late, around 11:00, but this time she actually stayed asleep until 5:00! You go Katie! She doesn't do that very often. I nursed her and then put her back in her bed at 5:45 and she is still there. I like hearing my little baby wake up in her bed. I loved hearing Eddie wake up in his. It was hilarious. Ben and I would be in bed on a Saturday morning, sleeping as long as we could. Soon, a little earlier than we'd like we'd hear a 'thud'. Then another 'thud'. 'Thud - shhh - thud.'
"Eddie's awake."
He would stick his feet up in the air and throw them down onto his mattress. So cool. Katie has done that, but rarely is she asleep in her bed when she wakes up. She is usually next to me in my bed when I wake up with the alarm. Lazy mommy, doesn't put baby back in her bed at 2:27 am. I remember when I would lay down nursing her, I frequently woke up to her holding me hand, even when she was just a wee one. Now, she is not so wee.