Friday, August 21, 2009

Our baby . . .

April was just great! I could not believe I was going to have a baby!
MAy was pretty great too, we were getting excited, and just waiting for the first trimester to be over! I really hadn't been sick at all and was very excited about that. Around the middle of the month we were just getting so excited! Mother's day was comiong! I know we didn't techinically have a baby in our arms, but we were still a mommy and daddy! WOW!
On Mother's Day we decided to go to one of our favorite places to eat - a mexican restaraunt in Niceville, and on the way in across the parking lot I said, "Ben, I know we like Edward for a boys name, but what about if it is a girl? What do you think about Madeline?"
He looked at me, "That is perfect. I was thinking about that too."
We had a good time at lunch that Sunday. The waitress asked if we had any kids, and we said, "Not yet, but in December we should!" She said congratulations, and gave me a white carnation.
We had decided not to tell anyone that we were pregnant yet, except Patti, Emily and Martha knew. However, around 11 weeks we decided we needed to give some happy news to Ben's mom. She had been going through quite a lot, and was just down, down, down in the pits. Ben was talking to her on the phone one evening, she was in the bathtub and had been there for more than an hour, and not wanting to get out. So he asked if he could tell her. She was SO excited, she did not believe it. She cried. Then I called my mom and told her, and her was very excited too! She probably cried also!
May was great! By the last week of May we were 13 weeks.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So, July is gone

Well, thoughts don't become posts unless they get typed, wouldn't you say?
I would so say.
To my defense, I have been busy, and enjoying living with my family. We have found a new home to move to, and are getting ready. That will be next weekend, and through the end of Aug.
I am sad that I missed posting in July though, since that is the anniversary of the day we got the results of our first baby's triple screen blood test. I was hoping at that point to type things on the day they happened. So far, no go.

Soon. Maybe. Right now there is a little bunlde of baby in my lap, and she is enjoying the mail. Her birthday is next week! 1! Go Katie!