Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It has been a busy month!

Hi! It has been a while since I blogged, I do have some friends saying I need to hurry up and get some new info on here! Well, you all know this last month has been so busy and I am using precious nap time to fill up a few paragraphs just for you! : )

Very sadly on April 15, someone my sister loves very much passed away from this earth. It was sudden, and in the middle of a very difficult transition in his and her life. I know there will always be love from her to him, but when the him is not here to return the love, the her is left alone, and let down. May God fill her with everything she needs, and let her know there is still a place for her here, and she has more great things to do until it is her time to leave this earth, including continuing to love that wonderful, creative, important, special and worth while person . . . Claude.

Eddie is great - very big, tall, smart, talkative, and 'learning' what he can and cannot get away with around here! He has been trying some things, no need to explain, I am sure most of you understand, and we will prevail at raising an independant, loving, compassionate, caring, kind, smart, well-rounded, clever, creative, secure person who will show the Glory of Christ to all who sees him. Here we come life! We are in it for the long haul, and Eddie belongs to my God! Take him, run with him, grow him Your way! And don't let me get in the way, but let me guide him and enjoy him every minute! I will choose to trust you with him, even when things happen that may be difficult for our human minds to accept.

Katie is great too! She is so sweet, funny, growing big, almost crawling, looks like her mama more every day, loves her brother, and always notices when her daddy comes in the room! She is actually under the weather right now - a cold I am sure. There aren't any cases of N1H1 around here are there? : )

I have started a new thing! Well, not so new because I did it a few years ago, but let it go after Eddie was born. A friend had a party with a Mary Kay Skin Care Class. They noticed my uncanny knowledge of the product, and said, "Wow, Sarah, you really lit up and became so excited when you talked about Mary Kay! Why don't you sell it again, I will buy from you!?" So, I signed on May 2, and I am now a very encouraged, enthusiastc, happy, ready-for-my-team-members-gonna-drive-a-pink-Cadillac-soon Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!

I know, your saying, Sarah? Me? Well, it is definitly God, because He is the only thing pushing me here. He sent me several messages saying, "Sarah, do this and I am behind you 100%." So I am. Hey, if there is anyone I listen to it is Him! My husband is behind me and so supportive, and already so great on giving suggestions/advice! Thank you Ben! And, Mary Kay is behind me! I was at Patti's house having my second party and still so pumped up about it! I was thinking to myself, How in the world am I going to be successful at this? I don't know what I am doing, I have limited knowledge, low inventory, no clients, I don't really wear makeup and never have! What am I doing? Who is going to buy from me? How am I going to sell this product and be successful? I was excited but nervous, feeling a little flustered, not feeling as prepared as I wanted to be. I looked in the datebook MK sends you and the top of the page for that week said, "Nothing will help you to sell yourself better than the power of your personal enthusiasm." That was exactly what I needed to hear, because that was all I had! Personal enthusiasm. Here I come! I am going to be driving that pink Cadillac, and do what God has asked me to do - encourage other women, help them believe that they are something special, someone whom God made just for him. Women, look out for me. I may be limited on my skills right now, but that does not stop God from doing what He wants to do. I am willing, I have given myself over to Him, so if He is sending me your way, I'm coming!


Now, I have been thinking about Maddy a lot lately. An aquantence had a sweet little girl with Potter's Syndrome on April 13, Joy Kathryn Causey, around 3 1/2 lbs. She lived a couple hours, and I could do nothing but think about her that day, and for several after. Then my good friend whose second son lived 50 days before going to heaven, became a mentor to a couple who are currently in their first pregnancy with a little, lovely Klhoe, who is due in 5 weeks, and has Trisomy 13. Oh, how their hearts long for a miracle, Lord! They want to walk into the dr. office, look at the sonogram and be so amazed at how none of her previous symptoms are there. Oh how we pray for your hand, Lord, to do the miracle that we desire! I was thinking about this yesterday, and thought of my own prayers for a miracle. I know full well that God could have healed my daughter. I know full well that he can raise her from the dead even this moment, and she could be here. God can do anything. So, why doesn't he? I don't know. I am not God. I asked that question again, God why didn't we get that miracle? And he answered. You did. She has shown my Glory to someone. That is her miracle, be proud of her. And oh, how I loved to hear that! Thank you, God, for giving me that thought.

There is some good, wonderful reason that benifits his plan, which is in place for the good of us all. And I will choose to trust him, even though my heart has been broken. Trusting him has brought healing to my heart. I am no longer broken, and I look forward to the day I step into heaven and He shares with me some of the great reasons for Maddy's life, just as it was. Woo what a great day that will be! Hugs, kisses, together with God forever!