Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not Me Monday

Well, I apparently did not create a not me blog post yesterday evening. I did not save it. How can you save something you did not create? Hmmm? I did not inadvertantly erase it. There was nothing to erase! I do not have a not me post this morning.

So! Here I go again . . .

I did not carve our Halloween pumpkin on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

I also did not stage a Halloween reinactment yesterday so I could get pictures of our kids in their costumes, because we did not forget to do it on Halloween. Not us.

I did not let the time run away with me; I never do that. Not ever. And this losing of time did not create crying and flailing llamas out of my children because my children are never stressed out because of hunger because I never forget to prepare their lunch! HA!

What is it?

It's a cricket! And a beautiful boy!

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