Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No, I did not do that, and neither did Katie. : )

This is another Not Me! Monday post on Tuesday, which I am sure is likely to happen often. I just skipped out on it yesterday. Blogging is just not as important as feeding children, washing leftovers off the house, and sunbathing during nap time. No, that was not me who sat out on the patio soaking up some sun at 3pm, ignoring the inner workings of our home when I heard my son shout, "Mama, Liv is crying!" faintly through the back door, and no it was not me who was amazed to hear a screaming 16 mo old when I opened the door. Not me.

I absolutely did not spend way too much time last week trying to figure out how to link the original Not Me! Monday blog to my own, only to fail 3 times. There are clear instructions, yet somehow I manage to not be able to follow them.

It was not me who considered hiring a sitter one day last week so I could lock myself in the bedroom for 5 hours, catch up on blogs, read recipes and discover this 'pinterest' everyone is using. Actually, this is not a bad idea, glad I did not think of it.

Who put nail shavings in a drawer and the clipper in the trash? Certainly, it was not me.
Who gave the baby a pen and notepad and expect her to stay in the kitchen like her sister and brother? It was absolutely not the same person who did not just wash that same couch cushion three days earlier and now has to wrestle to get it back on again. Oh, that was so not me.

And I absolutely did not leave the kitchen with freshly frosted confectionaries and little people alone after dinner so I could 'veg' out on the couch in front of the t.v. only to gasp in pure surprise 3 seconds later when Liv came around the corner with her own chocolate cupcake from off the kitchen counter that I thought was out of her reach. And no, it was not Katie who gave it to her after getting one for herself. And I did not curse in my brain about the situation because I had already given them each one after dinner, cleaned everybody up and placed in new outfits only to have to do it all again. And just to be clear Katie had not already snuck a second one while I was cleaning Liv the first time, which would then not make this her 3rd cupcake for the night. This did not happen to me last night. I also did not let Eddie in on the additional cupcakes, so sadly he did not get but one. : (

This is the second cupcake. Joy!

And I am not disappointed that the original Not Me! Monday also had other priorities this week and therefore did not post a not me blog thus resulting in no one else's horrible not me stories to laugh at. (Though really I'm just upset there is no prize to shoot for this week.)

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